The Little Things

Laying here in bed, looking out the window…watching the snow fall. Yup, snow!!!

I know right now, most of my friends are sick to death of the snow. There’s been a ton of it up north. But here in East Texas…not the Big Bang’s East Texas of Houston, the East Texas that’s in between Dallas and Shreveport, LA…it’s a rarity. The mention of snow in the forecast is enough to shut down the schools. In fact, even the hubby’s work shut down very early today and is opening late tomorrow.

It’s officially a snow day!

Unfortunately, in order to have snow days-you gotta have cold weather. And cold weather tries it’s best to kill me. So as the system bringing the snow got closer to us…even before the cold set in…this flare showed how strong it planned on being.

So, as I watch the red birds play on the bare branches of the tree outside our bedroom window, I once again find myself feeling a tad jealous. They look so happy and free. Completely oblivious to the cold as they float through the sky. Just loving every minute of the grey skied day.

I am totally envious. lol

Cause I’m not taking the cold so well. I’m hurting. I’m truly missing the beauty of today.

But then my phone dings at me. It’s a message from someone on Facebook. It was so simple, “…haven’t seen that much from you, I hope you’re ok…”

When you live with a chronic illness, you can easily feel alone. It’s such a hard thing for people to understand. It isolates you. And when you don’t feel good anyways, feeling “forgotten” is just devastating. It makes you feel like you don’t matter, and that simply isn’t true. But chronic illness is such a mindfuck, that you actually start to believe the lies it whispers to you through the pain.

It’s amazing how such a little thing, a simple FB message can help make you feel so much better. Yes, the pain is still there. I can’t move any faster than I did before the message. Still so envious of the birds jumping through the maze of leafless limbs. But I’m enjoying the beauty of today because I no longer feel disconnected. And that is amazing!

Chim is soooooo not caring for the white stuff! lol And to show the kind of day it’s been for me, I didn’t even realize until just a second ago that my white fur ball Baxter was even in this photo! So, yeah! lol


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