“Listen To The Soothing Sounds”

About a week ago I decided to download a meditation app. Supposedly it's gonna help me chill out a bit. Now, I'll admit-the first time I did it...it was totally useless. But, in all fairness to the British chick doing the sessions, it was all me. She starts off by doing the whole, listen to … Continue reading “Listen To The Soothing Sounds”


That, That’s What It Is

A little while ago I came across this quote. And I was instantly like, "Yup! She gets it!" Even though a lot of people can not understand what it's like to grieve over a pregnancy loss, most people do understand grief. So, there is still a sense of understanding. One if the things that so … Continue reading That, That’s What It Is

This Is What I Know

I know I’ve shared this before, not on this blog…but on an old one. But the feeling behind this never changes. This was a note I did on Facebook a couple of years ago. "Last October when Adrian Peterson's son died from injuries sustained by an alleged assualt from his mother and her boyfriend...and I … Continue reading This Is What I Know

You Say, “Relax”, I Hear…”Please Punch Me In My Throat”

Yup! That's right! I absolutely hate when someone tells me to relax. Mainly because the person whose normally telling me to relax is usually the reason I'm upset to begin with. But in regards to TTC...someone telling me to relax is probably going to be the reason I make the lead story on the news … Continue reading You Say, “Relax”, I Hear…”Please Punch Me In My Throat”