Flickering Light

It seems like here lately I always have a candle lit. I wish I could say it was just because, or that it’s because I’m trying to get the rather large amount of candle holders I need for an idea I’m schemeing. But the truth is, I light a candle when I’m missing someone, or when my heart is heavy.

Even in the daylight, a flickering candle flame is just beautiful. The colors of the flame alone are warmth! There is nothing cold or standoffish about the appearance of the flame. It’s inviting, it’s welcoming. It enhances everything that surrounds it with a warmth, a glow.

In the darkness, a dancing flame atop a candle screams hope. It says, “Not here! I will not allow it! Darkness I defy you! You can not cloke me, you can not hide me, you can not control me!”

Maybe it’s the defiance of that flame that draws me in. Maybe it’s the example I want to strive for. Enhance the good stuff…deny the bad stuff from having total control.

We can’t stop darkness & pain from happening. It’s life and the only way to have a sunrise is for there to be a sunset. Most of us can only choose how we react to it. (I say it that way because clinical depression is not simple and for someone struggling with it…choosing how to react to the darkness would be easier than actually becoming a candle.)

So maybe that’s why there are so many circumstances that cause us to want to light a candle. Because there is comfort in a flickering light.

This candle is for anyone who needs it right now with a *gentle hug* from me to let you know that you are not alone.


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