“Listen To The Soothing Sounds”

About a week ago I decided to download a meditation app. Supposedly it’s gonna help me chill out a bit.

Now, I’ll admit-the first time I did it…it was totally useless. But, in all fairness to the British chick doing the sessions, it was all me. She starts off by doing the whole, listen to the soothing sound of my voice, and, the calming music in the background, kinda stuff. And I just fell out laughing cause I instantly thought of that Friends episode where Monica can’t sleep because she broke up with Richard-so Pheobe was gonna help her.

So, all I could hear was Pheobe talking about the babbeling brook and how there is no betting or wagering of any kind allowed in her Happy Place. And yeah, I was totally gone after that.

But the second time I did it was better. And during part of the visualization, I did actually see the ball of orange light swirling around as my eyes were closed. And then when I did it today that same ball of orange light danced around again for me.

Did you know that orange is the color of fertility? I didn’t. I mean, the irony…orange is one of the awareness colors for Lupus. So…yeah.

Anyways, today’s session inspired me to paint. And I’m kinda glad. I don’t know if I’m good at it, but I love painting. And I haven’t done much painting or sketching in a couple weeks. But this is what I did today.

I don’t know if this whole mediation thing is gonna have any remarkable changes for me. But maybe it doesn’t need to. Maybe just a little chilling out is all I needed. ❤️


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