You Don’t Know, So Don’t Assume!

So, there’s a stupid meme that has been shared…in disgust…in several groups here lately. Since I’m absolutely appalled by it, I won’t share the actual meme-just a description. 

It’s a picture of a Dollar Tree shelf and Dollar Tree pregnancy test. The caption reads,”If you’re buying one of these we both know you can’t afford for it to be positive.”

Let me start off by saying, I get it. I get frustrated that I’m in a financially stable place and struggle with having a baby and there are irresponsible people having kids they can’t afford to have. Yes, it pisses me off too. 

However, as someone who goes to the Dollar Tree for the specific intent of buying their pregnancy tests…YOU DON’T KNOW ME!

You don’t know my situation. You don’t know that I actually hate going to the Dollar Tree to get tests because they’re actually the most expensive that I buy on a regular basis. 

I’ve been on a TTC journey for more than ten years. I do roughly 15 HPTs a cycle. And that’s for a cycle I’m not feeling good about. If it’s a cycle I’m feeling good about, I can go through 15 tests in a weekend. So spending $10-15 on three of the name brand tests is financially irresponsible. 

So yeah, I buy most of my HPTs online and in bulk…just like my OPKs. And I normally only pay about $0.20 for each of them. So yeah, I hate spending a whole dollar on the cassette tests I get from the Dollar Tree. I don’t even like spending the $0.88 for the Walmart cheapies. 

So while you’re assuming that I can’t afford a positive pregnancy test because I’m buying tests from the Dollar Store, know this:

  • All of our bills are paid.
  • There is food in our fridge.
  • There is a roof over our heads. 
  • Our fur babies are so spoiled that they’re picky about what scraps they’ll eat. 
  • We have a fully set up nursery. I could find a baby in the woods and not need anything but formula to take care of him.  
  • I have an amazing husband who does his best to spoil me every damn day. 

My point is, you can take a snap shot, a single second of someone’s life and make an uneducated guess about them. (Lucky for you, I don’t assume you’re a total ass incapable of compassion and empathy for your fellow man.) You don’t know what goes on in someone else’s life. You don’t know the motivations that brought someone to where they are. 

Not only shouldn’t you make a snap judgement about someone based on what you think you know…you have no right to make that judgement. Instead of seeing someone who is, at the very least, trying to find out if they are pregnant so they can make informed decisions from that point on-you look down on somebody. What makes you so high & mighty?! Has there never been a time in your life where money was a little tight? Have you never had a moment in your life that some stranger could label you as undeserving? Have you always made the best decision? 

So congratulations, you made a snotty, smart ass judgement about someone you don’t know. I’m sure you got a lot of Facebook likes. My hope is that one day you don’t run across a meme that involves something you do on a regular basis that suggests you aren’t good enough for your dream to come true. 


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