10 Real Things

Ok, so since Valentine's Day is coming up, I've been seeing a crap ton of articles written about...if he does this never leave him or these are the things she needs in order to feel loved. Most them are the...if he trusts you completely, she needs to know she's loved always, if he has nothing … Continue reading 10 Real Things


Always Stay Hopeful

I think it's so easy to become discouraged while TTC. It's such a crazy roller coaster ride of a journey. And the weird thing is, you feel...sometimes...like you're all alone on that roller coaster. Of course your spouse is riding it with you. But, sometimes it can feel like they're in a different car entirely. … Continue reading Always Stay Hopeful

Respect Comes In ALL Sizes

I don't normally watch Dr. Phil. I use to, but here lately he makes me want to throat punch him. I don't know if he's changed, if I've changed, or if we've both changed. But, occasionally, I'll still watch an episode. Normally only as background noise and only the old reruns. But, I will sometimes … Continue reading Respect Comes In ALL Sizes

Saturday Appointments…FUN!

The hubby forgot to check the mail Saturday, New Year's Eve. So he checked it Sunday morning on his way in. So, New Year's Day I opened a little love in the mail package from a wonderful friend. She sent me some tests...cause everyone knows I have a test stash that always has room to … Continue reading Saturday Appointments…FUN!