And Now We Wait

This has been a crazy busy three days for us. It’s sad when Monday is your day to rest. lol

Today is trigger day at Casa de Mo! And, not trying to brag…but, I’ve become quite good at injecting myself. Of course, it helps that the needle is a baby needle and not one of those giant, fear & anxiety inducing needles. 

After Saturday’s appointment, we’re pretty sure that I’ll release two mature eggs…hoping for 3. But as long as one them gets the job done, I’ll be more than happy! 

So, now we wait. Labs won’t be drawn until the 24th. So for the next 2 weeks, I’ll be obsessing and overthinking every little twinge & possible *symptom*. The joys of TTC. lol

On a total side note…I have to brag on the hubby for just a minute. Back in November, our little church had a major shakeup when our pastor resigned unexpectedly. It was pretty devastating. My hubby…who was already extremely active in the church and was (still is) head of the men’s ministry…was asked to step up and help fill in some until our church could find a new pastor. So, for the past…almost 2 months…he’s also been leading the Wednesday night Bible study & prayer meeting. Yesterday, he was nominated and chosen by our church body, along with 4 other members of our church, to be part of the search committee to find our next pastor. It’s a huge honor and I’m so very proud of him! And I know he’s honored to be a part of it. 


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