Respect Comes In ALL Sizes

I don’t normally watch Dr. Phil. I use to, but here lately he makes me want to throat punch him. I don’t know if he’s changed, if I’ve changed, or if we’ve both changed. But, occasionally, I’ll still watch an episode. Normally only as background noise and only the old reruns. But, I will sometimes pay attention. Today, I kinda paid attention. Probably because it was about the obesity debate. 

Now, let me start off by saying that this is not about the obesity debate. I’m not even gonna get into that side of it. I’m not wanting to talk about the how obese people clearly aren’t healthy…or…why is it ok for skinny people to eat unhealthy without being called out topics. 

I have a weird obsession with the television show “My 600lb Life”. I mean, really weirdly obsessed with it. The hubby hates it…my obsession, not necessarily the show-although he doesn’t care for the surgery scenes. I occasionally sometimes will watch “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”. (Both shows are on TLC, if you’re interested.) Although, I will say that sometimes I get disgusted by the excuses & attitudes that some have, I love watching the transformations. 

But, as I sit here eating my Everything bagel with cream cheese & pondering a gym membership, clearly focused on my own weight loss…I’m disgusted by the lack of respect I’m hearing from both sides of the panel on Dr. Phil. And it’s a common theme pretty much everywhere you look when it comes to weight issues. 

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to judge someone based on weight. I think it’s small-minded. And I find the lack of respect on both sides to be extremely troublesome. When did we become so tit-for-tat that we forgot how to treat people?!

I think phrases like, “Only dogs want  bones” and “Real women have curves” are just as horrible as t-shirts that say “No chubbies” or someone calling someone a fat pig. A trainer saying the only way you’re gonna find someone to sleep with you is by getting them drunk because you’re fat is just as hateful as calling someone a skinny bitch. Judgement is judgment. Body shaming…regardless of which way it’s going…is body shaming. You don’t build yourself up by tearing someone else down. 

Respect is not a size. Love is not a size. Self worth is not a size. And you can not expect someone to respect you if you don’t respect them. 

And Lord knows, when someone upsets me, hurts my feelings, does something I don’t like…I absolutely want to lash out at them, hurt them back. But just because I want to do that…doesn’t mean I should. It doesn’t make me right. And honestly, it doesn’t make me any less hurt. And just like I don’t learn anything from it…I’m sure they don’t either. Nothing is gained. 

There will ALWAYS be judgements made. It’s human nature. But you don’t have to let your life be ruled by the judgments of others. And you don’t have to let those judgements dictate how you treat those who judge you. 

The bottom line is that there are ways to disagree and still be respectful of one another. And no one deserves to feel like or be told that they are less than human because their size is different from our own. Embrace yourself, lift yourself up on your own, be happy with who you are. If there is something you are unhappy with in your life…fix it. But fix it for you, not because someone else is unhappy with you. And don’t tear anyone else down simply because you can. 

Ok…stepping of my soap box and gonna finish up some laundry. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


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