10 Real Things

Ok, so since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’ve been seeing a crap ton of articles written about…if he does this never leave him or these are the things she needs in order to feel loved.

Most them are the…if he trusts you completely, she needs to know she’s loved always, if he has nothing to hide, she needs to feel protected…kind of lists. And while I’m in no way knocking any of those articles…because they are absolutely true in every way. Sometimes, I think they don’t always give the full reality of relationships. Because the sweet, hopeless romantic stuff wears off. Not to say your relationship isn’t a fairy tale…cause I totally believe mine is! But there’s a lot more vacuuming & dusting and a lot less birds chirping & dancing to no music in a long term relationship. And while he still opens doors for me, brings me flowers, holds me when I need to be held without me asking…that’s only a small part of what makes me know I’m loved. 

Saturday is the the 15th anniversary of our first (well, technically only) date. And next month we are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. We moved crazy fast. lol And I’ve learned that there’s a ton of stuff that happens in a relationship that you won’t find in most movies & story books. 

So in that spirit…I thought I share 10 things I think proves our relationship is a keeper & if you can relate, yours is pretty awesome too! (In full disclosure, I should probably let you know that this morning was extremely stressful for me as I was trying to line up things for our current cycle of TTC…that’s a whole nother post though…so I took a Xanax and that might have influenced the idea for this post. lol However, they’re all still real!)

Ok, here we go…

1. If you can go to a sporting event and they want one team to win and you want the other team to win…meaning regardless, someone is leaving that stadium unhappy…and you can still stop to get something to eat at a restaurant on the way home and not get asked to leave-you’ve got a keeper. 

2. If you go out of town with a friend and she decides she wants to go to Hooter’s and while you’re there you snap of pic of your waitress…even if it was with the Build-A-Bear you brought and made everyone take a pic with…just for your hubby-that my friends is love! 

3. If you have ever had Domino’s pizza by candlelight to celebrate your anniversary and it’s not inspired by a country music song, just coincidence…and you still think it was pretty awesome-that’s an awesome relationship. 

4. If he will wear the clothes you sprayed with your body spray, because he was purposely trying to irritate you and you decided to make him smell like a girl while at work, to work and not wash them first-y’all are kinda awesome. 

5. If he agrees to put a FatHead of you over the bed in the master bedroom in the event of your death & his remarriage-don’t let him go!!!

6. If you have to have a procedure done and you can’t have anything to eat after midnight and until recovery is complete, and he doesn’t eat during that same time frame cause he doesn’t think it’s fair-you should never let him think he’s anything but awesome. 

7. If he will go to the store and buy you “girly things” (that’s what we call feminine hygiene products in our house), pregnancy tests, make-up, or nail polish without you being there with him…and only a pic of what you need/want sent in a text-he loves you unconditionally. 

8. If he uses the toilet paper you like and you hang it on the holder the way he likes-you know you’d miss him if he was gone. 

9. If he still pinches your butt when you walk by even though you’ve got serious bed head going on and are in the same PJs you’ve been wearing for two days…hey, it happens-he will always love you. 

10. If he’ll go with you to Build-A-Bear, even though you have no kids & you’ll go with him to the tool section of any department or home improvement store…even though you both know that you’d rather be hanging out with his ex and he’d rather be hanging out with your  ex, but still you do it cause you vowed “for better or for worse”-then you’re one of the luckiest people on Earth. 

The point is, all the stuff in the beginning is wonderful. And he will always want to see you smile. Just like you will always want him to know that no one will or could ever love, appreciate, and desire him more than you do. But the reality is that there will always be dishes to do, a load of laundry piled up waiting to be washed, bills that have to be paid. There’s gonna be stomach viruses that in NO way could ever be considered sexy. There are going to be days when you want to beat him to death with a spaghetti spoon and he’s going to want to trip you when you’re walking past him…it’s a major relationship win when you both manage to push past those thoughts and don’t plan on what you’re gonna tell a jury of your peers. He will never understand why you need another pair of shoes (or leggings, or another purse) and you will never understand why he needs yet another wrench set…but, you’ll still find yourself getting a new set for him for his birthday and he’ll hear himself saying, “you should buy them”. 

Life is messy, it’s crazy, it’s a road trip without directions. And as long as your partner is there to hold your hand & laugh along the way…you’re gonna make it through. So don’t worry if your relationship doesn’t always line up with the “perfect relationships do this/ways to tell you’ll last/what happy couples do” kind of articles. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like Disney will ever knock on your door trying to buy the rights to your love story. Cause only you know what’s perfect for you. And it’s your happily ever after! 

*bonus*  If you can agree on a place to eat in less than 10 minutes-your relationship is meant to last. (It’s only happened like twice, but man was it amazing!!!)


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