The Stork OTC Review

As promised, here’s my review of The Stork OTC. Again, I was not paid to do this review…nor was the product given to me in order to do this review. We paid for The Stork OTC and I’m doing this review because several women in my TTC after loss group & followers on Instgram (I’m AdorkablyHappy, you can follow me by clicking on the “Instagram Love” section on the right hand side of the blog) asked me to let them know what I thought of it.

 I ordered my Stork through the Walgreen’s mobile app. It was $79.99 with free shipping. (But, I did get over 10,000 points on the purchase…so yay!) And it came to just over $86 with tax. So not terribly pricey. And if you follow The Stork OTC on Instagram, you can find out when they’re having specials on the pricing.

It comes with instructions in both English and Spanish. I giggled at the, “This device is not intended for contraceptive use”. But also noticed where it said the device is non-sterile. So washing your hands is important throughout the process. 

I watched the how-to video on YouTube. You’ll find it here. And then I watched it again, had hubby watch it, and then I watched it again. I also kept my phone handy so we could watch it as we were attempting to use it. There’s a lot of details to pay attention to when it comes to pulling back the plunger, push this button, then use this button to release. And since it was almost $90 and it’s a single use thing…I didn’t want to mess anything up. And it definitely is a single use kit. There is no way around it. I think I may have gone overboard in the preparation, but I tend to be a little crazy in that aspect in general. 

Here’s the applicator and the Conceptacle still in the packaging. I took no pictures during use. (We stayed focused on the using it part. Not “I’m gonna review it” part. lol) Inside the Conceptacle…the condom thing on the right…is the cervical cap.  

So, after reading some reviews online…I pretty much knew this was going to be the least sexiest thing you could possibly do at home. But timed intercourse rarely is. 

My husband doesn’t care for condoms, as I’m assuming most men don’t. I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to use the Conceptacle the way it was intended to be used. We discussed removing the cervical cap from the Conceptacle and simply use manual stimulation instead of natural intercourse. But we finally decided to at least attempt it. And go from there. Thankfully, natural intercousre was all that was needed. 

It was clumsy putting the Conceptacle on. There is no lubricant, and while the video only mentioned not using lubricant during the application of the cervical cap, we didn’t take the risk of using PreSeed. But we finally fumbled through it.  (Not sexy at all. And yet, not the least sexiest part of the experience.)

After intercourse, he needs to wash his hands, and roll the Conceptacle off…being careful to keep to cervical cap in an upright position. Taking it off was ok. Trying to get the cervical cap out, while keeping everything upright & not losing any of the swimmers…not as easy. If you’ve ever seen “Never Been Kissed”, think about the condom being applied to the banana scene. If it was someone else, it would have been comical. lol And I don’t think it will be as hard to do again. I think it was just new and different.

After getting the cervical cap on the petals properly and closing the cervical cap holder…I got ready for placement. Insertion was not bad at all. There was some pressure, a little uncomfortable. But nothing bad at all, and absolutely no pain. I will say that when we pushed the button with the two raised dots to release the plunger…the plunger released quickly and actually hit my thumb, and startled me a little. We pulled the applicator out and the removal string was visible. 

You can leave the cervical cap in for 4-6 hours. We went with the full 6 hours. You can get up and go about your day. The only limitation that they tell you about, as far as activities go, you’re suppose to remove the cervical cap before having sex again. That’s kind of right up there with the whole…this product is not for contraceptive use, but I’m sure someone out there needs to be told. 

I felt something the entire time I had it in though. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was noticeable. And after removing it, I figured out what I was feeling. It was the cervical cap holder. And that’s what the removal string is attached to. Removing was easy. You pull on the removal string and the cervical cap comes right out.  

I guess it should have dawned on me that the cervical cap holder would hold the cervical cap…but, I’m slow sometimes. That also explains why it’s a single use kit. 

All in all, it wasn’t bad. We fumbled through it some. But now that we are familiar with it, I really don’t think there will be any issues using it in the future. Except maybe putting the Conceptacle on. I don’t foresee that getting any easier. 

I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re considering IUI. And we will definitely use it again, if this cycle is unsuccessful and we are waiting to get started with the IUI process. Just be sure to watch the video, and read the instructions. 

I saw several other reviews that said to just use PreSeed and Soft Cups and save your money. And we have tried that. Even with all the fumbling and uncertainty, I still prefer The Stork OTC. I felt like it was definitely made for TTC, while using Soft Cups is a make due kinda attempt. 

I hope this has been helpful. It’s my first product review. I’ll answer any question I can and welcome feedback. 


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