15 Things I’ve Said or Done Because of Infertility and TTC 

…and one VERY exciting announcement!!! 

First, I need to apologize for being a little absent this month. It has been crazy busy at Casa de Mo these past few weeks. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@AdorkablyHappy), you know that I started co-teaching a Bible study at my church, Believing God by Beth Moore. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s very in depth. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re in a season of waiting. 

Well, I also have been able to take part in a second 10 week Bible study, Shiloh – A Place of Rest. This Bible study is specifically for women dealing with infertility & miscarriage. 

…So when I say I’m deep in the feels – I mean I’m DEEP in the feels most of the time right now…

But, during the process I’ve had some time to reflect on some of the funnier and/or odd things I have said or done thanks to infertility and TTC. And since I’m smack dab in the middle of so much serious right now, I thought this was the perfect time to share. (Some of them, I know I’ve already told y’all about. But they are worth repeating.) 

  1. I have carried, more than once, a specimen cup of sperm between my boobs tucked into my bra. 
  2. I have taken a ton of pictures where I’m naked from the waist down except for socks and a paper drape so I can do a scrapbook later. 
  3. I have won a Facebook “What’s The Weirdest Thing You Have in Your Purse That No One Else Will Have in Theirs” contest by having a “just in case/emergency” sperm specimen collection cup. 
  4. “I don’t know if we need to have sex tonight or not. Let me go pee real quick and I’ll let you know.”
  5. Speaking of peeing on a stick, I have POAS-well many sticks-at the grocery store, two restaurants, the mall, Walgreen’s, and every women’s restroom at my church & the one we did VBS training at last year. Hey, when the alarm goes off and it’s time to pee…it’s time to pee. 
  6. I have been out & about and gotten something on my shirt that needed to be wiped off. And I used a gynecological wipe to get it off. (It’s all I had with me.)
  7. I had a stash of tests hidden at my best friends house so I could test when I was there. She moved a few hours away…she didn’t give them back, I wonder what she did with my tests? I just realized that and she’s been gone for a few months now. lol
  8. “I’d drive 3 hours for free sperm.”
  9. I comment on posts about positive OPKs, “🎶…bow chicka wow wow…🎶”. And it’s completely appropriate. 
  10. “Grab a pizza on your way home. I got a positive OPK this afternoon. We’re having sex, I’m not cooking.”
  11. I have a sent a picture of my feet on the wall in response to “What are you doing?” 
  12. “I’m CD10, we need to have turn over sex.” (Those who have been trying for a while, with the help of a doctor, and have researched sperm quality more than once will totally understand this one.)
  13. I have named the specimen collection cups we’ve used. The looks you get when you talk about “Jessica” being tucked into your bra are PRICELESS!!! 
  14. Thanks to infertility & TTC I have documented prof of how many times my husband has had sex over the past 4 years. (I didn’t chart before that.) 
  15. And finally, the first time we used The Stork OTC I asked the hubby, “Do you see the removal string hanging out?” That was sexy, I mean just extremely sexy and lady-like. 

I know that there is so much serious, a ton of heartbreak and so many hard days when battling infertility while TTC. But, there really can be some seriously funny moments. Moments that just organically happen over the course of the journey. And I really do think it’s important to recognize and celebrate those moments. 

And now on to my very exciting announcement:

Last month I told y’all about the email I got from the makers of The Stork OTC. In that email, they invited me to apply for a spot in there Ambassador Program & become a voice for the product. The hubby and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity. So I sent in my application. 

Well, last week I got a response-We were selected for the program!!! 

Starting October 1st, I am officially a Stork OTC ambassador! This is such an amazing gift. The hubby and I are truly grateful for such an awesome experience that Rinovum, the makers of The Stork OTC, are providing us. 

Over the next three months, I hope that you’ll join me as I share our journey and product information with y’all. 

And while I don’t officially become an ambassador until October, I’m sure I’ll be sharing at least one picture early on Instagram. Because yesterday I got an email with the tracking information for my Welcome Kit!!! And it’s suppose to be here today! So I am totally stalking my UPS app waiting for my delivery notice. I’m just all kinds of giddy! 


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